Anhedonia and DPDR etc

My current state of mind is a pretty awful one. Up until a certain age, I was a very happy person who enjoyed things. Unfortunately about 3 years ago all of that changed almost overnight. During the H3N2 flu season of 2017, I awoke one morning to basically find my brain had shut down to a relative degree. I felt somewhat detached from myself and incapable of feeling much of anything including the passage of time, conscious thoughts, and any semblance of short-term memory. I of course ascribed this to the flu that I had been experiencing at the time. I had been ill twice during this period with symptoms I hadn't seen in years. Overall the 2017 flu season proved to be a rather deadly one with more than 650 people killed in New South Wales alone

Of course I assumed that these were just temporary symptoms that would disappear as I got better, but unfortunately they didn't. Instead what happened was that over the following 12 or so months, I got worse and worse. I slowly but surely lost all semblance of a sense of self, and lost every lasting bit of intrinsic motivation, along with any sort of rational train of thought. Only two years in did I actually start figuring out what the hell was wrong. The worst part about being in this state is that due to a lack of cognitive function, you generally don't have the motivation to research it further.

Eventually I came across a number of rather useful Reddit posts about it, along with an entire subreddit dedicated to the topic of recovery which is very useful. That subreddit along with this one and this one have been incredibly useful in determining the list of symptoms and being able to figure out what it is and what has helped. With all this in mind, I decided to go through the list of possible treatments I could get my hands on. As a disclaimer, I don't advise you to do anything. Make sure you actually talk to a health professional first rather than just take a gunshot approach to this.

List of things I tried in no particular order that you probably shouldn't

Do note with that the "treatments" listed above have actually been implicated (along with cannabis) by many as having caused their symptoms in the first place so obviously don't do any of these unless your main alternative is suicide.

Things I tried from that subreddit

The rather brilliant anhedonia recovery subreddit is a great starting point that i'd highly recommend for anyone suffering from this sort of thing. There's a chance that my symptoms are due to inflammation, persistent infection, or stress-related with the flu being the trigger. The last one is somewhat likely, as I had been suffering melancholic depression and moderate anxiety for years prior. Anyway here's what i've tried so far:

  • Pramipexole: I have not tried this one yet. I am wary of it due to it being a rather serious medication with potentially serious side-effects

  • Other potential things

    Here's a list of other potential techniques and vitamins etc that have been implicated in helping people out that I also managed to try. There are several other subreddits out there that are worth researching the hell out of.